Posted on: December 1, 2008 2:56 am

Current Situation

Currently Miami is 7-5 and ranked 8th in the AFC

They are currently fighting for a wildcard or possibly the division with the Jets.

They are fighting for a wildcard against the Colts 8-4
The Ravens also 8-4

And the Patriots who are also 7-5

The Colts pretty much have a lock for a playoff spot.. facing

Cincy,Detriot, Jacksonville on the raod then back home for the Titans to close out the season. that puts them at atleast 10 wins

The Ravens on the other hand have a hard schedule, They will go to play Redskins ,Steelers, then The Cowboys on the road then close out against jacksonville at home. possibly only winning 1 or 2  more depending on if there defense continues to carry them week after week.. say they win 2 that still puts them at 10 wins.

Now lasty the Patriots... they have @Seattle, @Oakland, Home for arizona and away for buffalo to close out..

Even though they play 3 of there last 4 on the road, they dont face any tough opponents on the road possibly winning out the year which also puts them at 11 wins.

Now Miami.. they play buffalo this week in ontario Then they come back to miami for the 49ers and the Chiefs and close out against the jets on the road.

pretty easy schedule.. ill give them 3 wins which put them at 10 wins.

im not sure how a tiebreaker would go.. but that would put three teams at 10 wins for the wildcard.

not to mention if miami was to beat the chiefs , 49ers and the Bills the jets game would be A HUGE GAME!

i just have to watch it all unfold..

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